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This privacy compromise only concerns the service Sameca Investimentos e Gestão, S.A.

The Internet is an amazing mean of communication. Every day we realise its growing importance in our lives, with only a click on our computer we can be in contact with the world. It brings people together and experiences are quickly spread. Today?s society is changing in an astonishing way.

For all these reasons and to make the Internet a safe mean of communication it is important for Sameca Investimentos e Gestão, S.A. to assure that all its users and visitors have privacy and their data is not used by anyone else.

When we ask for your name, address, telephone, qualification, and other information, we want to establish a closer relationship with our users. With your register, we will address to you by your first name, we get closer and this way we can find the most suitable solutions for you.

If by any reason, Sameca Investimentos e Gestão, S.A. feels the need to change its Privacy Policy you will be the first to know.

Sameca Investimentos e Gestão, S.A. assures you that the information will not be used in any promotional actions by e-mail address or by telephone, nor they will be given to other companies or organizations. Sameca Investimentos e Gestão, S.A. will protect your privacy and will make the effort of assuring the use of effective technology to make your on-line experience safe.

If you have any doubt or question about our policy, please contact us.

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